URSFMAS 2018 was held on 10th May 2018 at the Paraclinical Building, Faculty of Medicine and Allied Sciences, Saliyapura

Winners of URSFMAS2018

Best research

First Place
Isolation and characterization of fungi associated with black moulds in onions and effect of food preparation techniques in elimination of fungi.
Liyanage H.L.T.N.K., Liyanage G.E., Liyanage G.K.S., Kumari G.U.W.U.K., Kumarasinghe N.N., Kumari M.M.W., Illapperuma S.C.

Second Place
Water consumption patterns and the quality of water consumed by the inhabitants of the Paniyankulama gramaniladhari division, Nuwaragampalatha Central MOH area, Sri Lanka.
Chathurani S.K.S., Dayarathna D.A.N., Dayarathna K.M.K.L., De Alwis S.M.E.I., Deeniya M.A.F. and Siriwardhana E.A.R.I.E.

Third Place
Knowledge of mothers with children under 5 years about diarrheal diseases affecting their children, attending to teaching hospital Anuradhapura.
Galkadulla B.D.M, Gunarathne B.N.T., Gunarathne H.M.D.G.R.D., Gunarathne B.D.S.K., Gunarathne K.W.S.K.,Sanjaya Adhikari

Best poster awards

Prevalence of dental fluorosis and participant’s perspective: a descriptive cross-sectional study among children of Thambuttegama.
Jayasundara W.I.P., Jayawardena J.G.K.D., Jazla M.J.F.1, Karunathilaka B.M.S., Karunathilaka J.A.C.N., Kaushalya D.M.R. ,Rathish D.

Association between learning strategies and related factors with examination results among pre-clinical medical undergraduate of rajarata university of Sri Lanka; a descriptive cross-sectional study.
Wijerathna G.A.R.K., Wijerathna M.L.C.M., Wijerathna N.P.K.P., Wijesundara M.R., Wijethunga K.T.D.S.S., Wijewardana W.E.A.P., Wickramasinghe A., Rathish D.

Proceedings of URSFMAS 2018

URSFMAS 2018 random pictures….

Department of Community Medicine
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