SLMA 2020 Oral presentations

The 133rd Anniversary International Medical Congress of the Sri Lanka Medical Association was held in the Wijerama House, Colombo, Sri Lanka from 24th – 26th July 2020. The congress was virtual Live On-line Congress. The oral presentations were done within a 5 minutes allocated time.

Duration before Hospitalization, Hospital Stay and the Clinical Course of COVID- 19 Patients in Sri Lanka: Evidence from First 100 Patients Following Discharge or Death

Wickramasinghe ND, Jayakody S, Hewage SA, Wijewickrama A, Gunewardena NS, Idam- pitiya D, Palihawadana P, Jasinghe A, Prathapan S, Arambepola C

Presentation by Dr.Nuwan Wickramasinghe

Screening for Future Metabolic and Cardiovascular Risks: a Missed Opportunity During Pregnancy

Jayasinghe HMIU, Hettiarachchi DAU, Koralegedara KIS, Amarasinghe GS, Warnasekara YPJN, Wickramasinghe ND, Kumara DMA, Agampodi TC, Agampodi SB

Presentation by Dr.Ayesh Hettiarachchi

Prevalence of Cardiovascular Conditions among First Trimester Pregnant Fe- males in Anuradhapura District

Hettiarachchi DAU, Lokunarangoda NC, Agampodi TC, Jayasinghe HMIU, Koralegedara KIS, Warnasekara YPJN, Madhushika MMH, Agampodi SB

Presentation by Dr.Ayesh Hettiarachchi

Quality of Life in Elderly in Rural Sri Lanka: a Large Community-Based Cross- Sectional Study

Wickramasinghe ND, Perera RA, Agampodi SB

Presentation by Dr.Nuwan Wickramasinghe

Association of Severe Asthma with Allergic Rhinoconjunctivitis and Eczema in a Cohort of Preschool Children of Anuradhapura District, Sri Lanka

Rajapakse RMSI, Amarasiri WADL, Yasaratne BMGD, Warnasekara YPJN, Agampodi SB

Presentation by Dr.Shashanka (Department PG trainee)

Early Pregnancy Mental Health Reflecting Health System Deficits and the Need for Psychosocial Support in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

Amarasinghe GS, Senanayeka TD, Wijesinghe ADN, Sundharum R, Herath KM, Malasekera C, Wickramasinghe A, Agampodi TC

Presented by Ms. Dilshi Wijesinghe

Economic Burden of Out-Of-Pocket Expenditure During Early Pregnancy: Evidence from a Pregnancy Cohort in the Anuradhapura District 

Gunarathne SP, Wickramasinghe ND, Agampodi TC, Prasanna RPIR, Agampodi SB 
Presentation by Mr.Sajaan Praveen
Meteorological Associations of Leptospirosis in Different Climate Zones of Sri Lanka; a Time Series Analysis

Warnasekara YPJN, Agampodi SB, Ranawaka HCJ, Dembatapitiya DRWNK, Wijesinghe PATAB, Dewapriya IKS, Koralegedara KIS, Abeynayake R

Presentation by Dr.Janith Warnasekara

Department of Community Medicine