Four presentations from the DoCM in Nutrition 2020

Nutrition 2020 is the largest Nutrition meeting ever planned and hosted by the American Society for Nutrition. The meeting is now taking place (June 1-4, 2020) as a “virtual Meeting”.

Four papers submitted by DoCM members have been selected for the presentations in Nutrition 2020. Two of these papers are from the Rajarata Pregnancy Cohort (RAPCO) and GEEPMD project.


Economic Status, Nutrition and Pregnancy Cost; A Vicious Cycle in Pregnancy

Abstract Title: Female Obesity: An Emerging Threat in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka; The First Ever Only “Green Nation” in the World for Breastfeeding; Yet Lessons to Learn Through Exploring Maternal Perspectives

Abstract Title: Strengths and Barriers in Achieving “Green Status” of Breastfeeding; The Story of Frontline Health Care Workers in Sri Lanka
Abstract Topical Area: Community and Public Health Nutrition

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