Elective programmes for international students

Public Health Elective Programme

DoCM offers short term and long term elective and training programmes for undergraduate/ postgraduate students. These programmes are two types.

  1. Four weeks public health clerkship programme: This is a fixed programme in which the international students will be working with a group of fourth year medical students. Read more about this programme
  2. Tailor made public health programmes: Based on the student requirements we offer up to one year training programmes for postgraduate students. Read about the experience of previous students…

Global Health Elective Programme

DoCM coordinates several global health elective programmes for international students.

One of our main programme is the eight weeks Global Health Elective Programme for Medical Graduates from the Ben Gurion Medical School for International Health. Since 2010, groups of medical students in their fourth year visit Sri Lanka for this clerkship.

In 2019, MSIH celebrated it’s 20 years international clerkship programmes with all partners, including Sri Lankan programme coordinator

Global Health Clerkship Experience, 2015

Tropical Disease Elective Programme

DoCM offers tailor made elective programmes for international students involved in tropical disease research and practice. The elective programme is usually 2-4 weeks with tropical medicine research involvement, clinical practice and public health practice.

Summer School: Field Course on Cross Disciplinary Health Research

By University of Copenhagen and Rajarata University of Sri Lanka

Global health programme

DoCM hosts the Cross Disciplinary Health Research Field Course offered by University of Copenhagen. Starting from 2017, the summer school was hosted and coordinated by the department.

Students at masters level spends 3 weeks in Anuradhapura. They, and a range of health and research related institutions will be in the area. There is emphasis on cross-disciplinary and -cultural group work throughout the course. Students are divided into groups of 4-6 members. Each group focus on one specific health topic and pursue insights into their topic group’s area of health research and develop a mini-research project and propose a research  idea (at the end of the course) through field visits, field work, group discussions and debates with staff. Each group is guided and supervised by a faculty member or health expert, in cooperation with Sri Lankan students, as co-researchers and assistants.

Lear more about how to enroll in to this course here..

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