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AD සිරින්ජරයේ නිවැරදි භාවිතය

AD සිරින්ජරයේ නිවැරදි භාවිතය ශ්‍රී ලංකාව පුරා ක්‍රියාත්මක වන නව කොරෝනා එන්නත්කරන ක්‍රියාවලියේදී භාවිත කරන AD (auto disable) සිරින්ජර නිසි ලෙස භාවිතය වැදගත්ය. AD සිරින්ජරය දැනට මේ සඳහා ඇති හොඳම සිරින්ජරය වන අතර මෙය නිපදවා ඇත්තේ එන්නත් හානිය අවම කර […]

Flashback 2020 DoCM.

Another eventful year has passed by and we would like to summarize the events, achievements and work of DoCM in the year 2019. Academic staff DoCM academic staff had several important milestones in 2020. Dr.Thilini Agampodi has been promoted to […]

How accurate is your test results?

Understand the incorrect classifications of patients and healthy people using sensitivity, specificity and prevalence With increasing discussions on tests sensitivity, specificity and false positives and negatives, this page is providing the readers an opportunity to look at the correct and […]

Research data analysis using SPSS

Department of Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Allied Science, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka will conduct a workshop on  “Research data analysis using SPSS” for all postgraduate students attached to FMAS. SPSS Statistics is a widely used software package […]