Dr.Dinesha Jayasundara received the Tissa Vitarana Gold Medal for Microbiology

Consistent performance

Dr.Dinesha Jayasundara, MPhil trainee of the DoCM and lecturer, department of Microbiology, FMAS, RUSL has received the prestigious Tissa Vitarana Gold Medal for Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Microbiology. Previously, she scored the highest aggregate in the selection examination for the same diploma program in 2019.

Dr.Jayasundara is a member of DoCM Leptospirosis research lab since 2016. As a part of her MPhil work, she has successfully isolated 25 new Leptospira strains. Which included 12 novel clonal groups of pathogenic Leptospira

Dr.Jayasundara received the best paper award in ACS 2019 for her work on Leptospira isolation. Of the 25 new strains isolated, full genome has been already published for three; the first three fully circularized Leptospira genomes from Sri Lanka.

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