Weight-for-height among children: Sri Lanka is among the seven worst performing countries

Despite having well praised public health system, maternal and child health statistics, one of the best performing immunization programme and satisfactory hygienic practices, under 5 nutritional status in Sri Lanka is among the worst according to the world Bank Data.

According th the Demographic and Health Survey 2016, more than 1/4th of children aging 2-3 years in Sri Lanka are either having low weight for age (under weight) and the same amount is having low hight for age (stunting). Among under five children, wasting (low weight for hight) in Sri Lanka is 15.1% and ranked seventh in the worst list.

The traditional interventions seemed to be having a minimum effect on improving these statistics. Th underlying factors specific to Sri Lankan community needs to be investigated properly as a public health priority. More biopsychosocial approaches may be required for these investigations, as poverty seemed to be only having a mild to moderate effect on these issues in Sri Lanka.

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