Being Happy in Difficult Times..

Staying at home or away from loved ones and getting used to a completely new daily routine is not easy. Most of us will have some difficulties during this period. Even though you are safe from covid-19, you may feel it difficult to maintain good mental wellbeing. This series of videos will help  bring you a new experience of acceptance, happiness and wisdom. 

The series of videos presented here has been based on practical experience of using simple mindfulness based  interventions over a period of ten years at the Faculty of Medicine and Allied Sciences, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka. The underlying principles are invented by great spiritual teachers and are widely used globally.

New videos will be added on daily basis. The full series will have ten short videos.

1. Life full of waves…
2. The nature of the mind…
3. What is mindfulness…?
4. A moment of stillness; the shield
5. Developing mindfulness
6. Mindfulness in daily activities
7. Simple ways of coming to the present
8. Diffusing in to the moment
9. Mindful body relaxation
10. Breath is your friend

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