A new mosquito is threatening the malaria elimination status in Sri Lanka?

An invasive mosquito ..!

Since 2016, vector surveillance programmes conducted by the Anti Malaria Campaign, Sri Lanka has revealed that Anopheles stephensi as the most common Anopheles species in Mannar. This mosquito is the main carrier for urban malaria in India as well as in some gulf region countries.

Malaria free Sri Lanka no more?

Sri Lanka was declare Malaria Free in 2016 by the World Health Organization. Since 2012 Sri Lanka was not having locally transmitted malaria cases for six years. In 2018 December, the first case of locally transmitted malaria was diagnosed after the malaria elimination.

Traditional control measures are ineffective?

With the invasive species of new mosquito spreading from Mannar to the main land, the threat of reintroduction of malaria is eminent, unless there is a rapid and effective response from the health sector as well as from people. The most challenging part of this threat is that the only effective control measure against the new mosquito is use of freshwater fish “Guppy”(Poecilia reticulata). 

Your responsibility

  • Doctors needs to be vigilant about fever patients. All suspected fever cases should be referred for malaria screening.
  • Malaria prophylaxis to be taken by all travelers to malaria endemic countries. Read the Anti Malaria Campaign travelers guide for more information. http://www.malariacampaign.gov.lk/index.php/en/travelers-guide

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