Helping mothers and newborn babies in rural Anuradhapura

RaPCo “Kapakaru Ma-Piya” Programme

The Department of Community Medicine, FMAS, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka with the help of faculty staff members has initiated a programme of helping hand on financial assistance to the needy pregnant mothers in Anuradhapura.

During our Maternal Care Programme we come across many mothers who are living with utmost difficulty and having a pessimistic view on the future on how to bear the cost for survival, delivery and raring of the newborn. At times when things are going on top of them, they even tend to think of circumstances such as giving away the child or intentional self harm.

Despite all these, they fight hard, thinking of their own children. We believe that it would be propitious if someone could lend a helping hand for these mothers at least for a short time period. We welcome donors who are willing to do so and DoCM will facilitate this process with utmost love and compassion to protect lives of these innocent mothers and their newborns.

The recipients are selected through a rigorous process by an economic evaluation, interviewing and observations made at their residence. 

If you are interested in helping these mothers and newborns please contact Dr.Subhashinie Senadheera.

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